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Discovering the Inner Bliss of Jim Corbett 2024

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From its origins as Hailey National Park and later, Ramganga National Park, Jim Corbett National Park has emerged as an ultimate destination for travellers seeking solace amidst nature’s bounty. The national park’s extensive flora and fauna attracts those who crave to venture into the wild.

Jim Corbett National Park is home to a diverse array of animals, including spotted deer, wild boars, jackals, and tigers, among others. Its landscapes vary from small lakes to expansive grasslands.

During our visit, the forest guide told us about the park’s rich biodiversity, particularly the various species of trees and deer inhabiting the reserve. Deer are shy animals that are most likely to be spotted with families. They are good at camouflaging. It was mesmerising to catch the glimpse of a few spotted deer that looked gorgeous and content.

Our trip to Jim Corbett was not just about sightseeing; it was also an opportunity for learning and awareness. Through engaging activities like a skit depicting the life of Harimau, a tiger victimised by illegal wildlife poaching, we gained insights into the threats facing these animals. This educational experience not only imparted valuable knowledge but also fostered team-building and strengthened bonds of friendship among us.

All in all, we feel Jim Corbett provided us a wholesome experience, blending natural splendour with educational opportunities. It serves as an ideal destination for introducing young minds to the wonders of wildlife conservation while providing a refreshing retreat for nature enthusiasts.

Team Members: Aarav, Ahaani, Druv, Raaisha, Rudransh, Shaurya & Tanishka (The Shriram Millennium School, Noida).


EdTerra Edventures conducts various other programs for the youth. If you go to school and are under 17 years of age, ask your school to contact us to arrange a visit to your school for an introduction to “Jim Corbett” and other journeys under EdTerra’s India Discovery Program.

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