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Special Mention

Outstanding Student Contributors

This is our Wall of Fame. Each year, select students earn the right to feature in this space by showcasing phenomenal project work — evidence of their learning from the diversity of our planet. Enjoy the genius of these young minds.

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Grade 8 (2018)

Aarav Kohli

He likes science a lot and was able to learn a lot about space and astronauts at Kennedy Space Center

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Grade 8 (2019)

Jovita Kaur

She enjoyed riding the thrilling roller coasters at Walt Disney, and learnt about space shuttles, rockets, and lightning detectors at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

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Grade 10 (2017)

Harshit Gujral

He is a huge fan of football and enjoyed visiting Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu Stadiums, home to the world’s biggest football clubs.

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Grade 10 (2019)

Mannat Khosla

She likes to learn about different places and meet new people from varied cultural backgrounds. This journey taught her how to travel independently.

Slide g f f g School Speak From The Director-Principal's Desk At Lotus Valley International School, Noida, we understand that education goes beyond the classroom. We are committed to providing a holistic educational experience that encompasses both academic and non-academic learning experiences. We encourage our students to explore out-of-the-classroom education opportunities, such as travelling and experiential learning, to develop essential 21st-Century Skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and adaptability. Travelling is a remarkable way for students to gain a global perspective by learning about different cultures, languages, and customs. Engaging with different environments and people can broaden their horizons and help them develop essential life skills. Our Classroam Wall Projects reflect our teachers' and students' efforts in creating an engaging and vibrant learning environment that prepares our students for their future. Dr. Ruchi Seth

From The Director-Principal’s Desk

Dr. Ruchi Seth, Director-Principal

Mrs. Sudha Goyal is a proficient, conscientious and a compassionate leader with a sanguine disposition and charismatic personality. She is an open minded person with a sound and optimist outlook for all things in life, which is positively depicted in all her policy related decision making. She possesses the excellent ability to motivate others, coupled with the ability to communicate comfortably at all levels, be it student or staff, therefore ensuring excellent working environment for all members.

Slide Message from Classroam Wall
Classroam Wall Revolution
We wish for every student to learn from the diversity of our planet. Equally, we wish for each student to reap long term benefits from their learning. While projects from other programs get lost as the academic years roll on, we offer the school and the student their own personal repository of the projects they created when they went the extra mile to gain knowledge and skills.


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Grade 6

Summer Calendar Webinar

Scottish High International School believes in a holistic approach to education. We have created an integrated curriculum for extracurricular learning.

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Grade 11

Young Authors Workshop

Scottish High International School believes that Communication Skills, particularly written communication skills are one of the most important 21st Century skills.

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Grade 12

The Golden Triangle

Exploring Indian Heritage while gaining 21st Century Skills is in complete alignment with the curricular philosophy of Scottish High International School.

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Grade 9

USA East Coast Adventure

Learning from distant lands such as the USA (famous for its entrepreneurial spirit and human ambition) while gaining 21st Century Skills is in complete alignment with the curricular philosophy of Scottish High International School.

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