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Indian Students Study Singapore’s Sustainability Drive 2020

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By 2030, Singapore has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% as per the Paris Agreement  of 2015. How does a 721.5 sq km country manage its greenery levels with increasing industrialisation? Let’s find out how Singapore enlarged its green spaces.

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Singapore is home to vertical gardens — which helps because it has less surface area. As per the government laws, 10% of the land area in Singapore is reserved for green spaces. The country reached for the skies when vertical farming was encouraged to promote sustainability. Also, a number of conservation efforts have been taken up by the government. For example, about 5,000 native and endangered wildlife species live in their natural habitats at Singapore Zoo.

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In addition to this, the youth in Singapore are educated and encouraged to lead sustainable lives. I was inspired to believe that no matter how big the problem, there is always a solution. It is true that nature is both a giver as well as a taker. Singapore believes that the young hold the key to a better future and should be educated about maintaining a balance in nature. To achieve this, the citizens have joined hands  to promote organic farming on a large scale. The use of pesticides and fertilisers is also restricted.

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The lush green spaces in Singapore, including well-planned nature parks to innovative vertical farms have led to sustainable development. During our journey, we visited Singapore Zoo and went for the Night Safari to see multiple efforts being undertaken in the direction of environment conservation.

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On our educational trip to Singapore, we learnt many life skills such as punctuality, independence, and the need to follow rules. The chief learning, however, was that we, the youth, must bring around change otherwise, mother nature will change its due course.

Written by Anubhi Srivastava (Lotus Valley International School, Noida).


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