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Chandigarh: A Tourist Attraction 2023

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Chandigarh is one of the cleanest cities in India. It is ranked twelfth among cities with more than one lakh population in the 2022 Swachh Survekshan rankings. It was designated as Punjab’s new capital in 1966. Chandigarh is also known for its beautiful architecture and urban planning.

Our journey to Chandigarh started on 22 March 2023. We had an amazing time on the bus en route to Chandigarh. After we reached the hotel, we freshened up and left for Rock Garden. Rock Garden is a very famous tourist attraction in Chandigarh. It contains a waterfall, sculptures and a beautiful doll museum among others. The mind-blowing thing about the structures present inside Rock Garden is that they are made of recycled trash like broken pieces of ceramics, glass, earthen pots, switches and even bathroom sinks. Isn’t it fascinating?

The Rock Garden itself is a work of art. Artists and connoisseurs from around the world come to see this amazing and unique creation. The urban plan of the city of Chandigarh was led by the Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier, who divided the city into forty-seven sectors using a grid street plan. The concept of the city is based on four major functions: living, working, care of the body and spirit & circulation.

We had a lot of fun on our visit to Sukhna Lake also. We went boating, where we splashed water on each other. All this added to the fun we had.

We loved this trip and enjoyed the amazing places to visit in Chandigarh. We all had lots of fun.

Team Members: Aaira Madan, Aarna Gupta, Gurbani Johar, Jiya Singh, Mahika Raina, Manasvi Aggarwal, Mishika Bhaskar, Myra Bhandari, Myra Jain, Sdhya Sajwan, Shivna Nagwanshi & Siyona Kapil (Scottish High International School, Gurugram).

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