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The Shining Armor of Amer 2023

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Amer fort, also known as Amber fort, is a beautiful place to visit. With all the amazing sights and lessons learned, we have gained so much knowledge. In our description, we include what we witnessed in the fort that took three generations to build in its present form.

We learned many new facts, ideas, and philosophies on our trip to Amer Fort. We learned about history along with its beautiful architecture. It is located on the famous Aravalli hills in the North of Jaipur and built from pale yellow and pink sandstones, and white marble. The fort is surrounded with strong walls. It is divided into multiple parts like Sheesh Mahal, Ganesh Pol and an amazing garden designed in lines of Mughal Garden. The Sheesh Mahal built by Raja Man Singh was originally known as Jai Mandir. When candles or lamps are lit, the entire place appears like a jewel known as Diwan-e-Aam. The Diwan-e-Aam is where the King addresses the public.

The Ganesh Pol is considered to be the most important gate of the fort. It represents the amazing fusion of Mughal and the Rajput style of architecture. Additionally, what also surprised us was the air-cooling system of the fort, which stored water and converted it into cool air.

Even in older times, rulers have adapted to different cultures and believed in diversity. They also thought of ways to make their home a beautiful and comfortable place. Through generations, we have adapted their methods.

Team Members: Ananya Vasu Deda, Aaina Chadha, Jhakal Madan, Janessa Gulati, Kritika Bothra, Ridhima Aggarwal, Sahaya Aulakh & Tanishi Taneja (Vivek High School, Sector-38-B, Chandigarh).


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