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The Golden Temple, Amritsar 2023

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On the second day of our trip to Amritsar, we visited the Golden Temple. The beauty of the brightly shining temple left us mesmerised. We marvelled at the temple’s intricate details, learning that its upper half boasts around four hundred kilograms of gold leaf. Interestingly, this gold was applied in the early 19th century under the patronage of the legendary Sikh ruler, Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Stepping inside, we immersed ourselves in the religious rituals of Sikhism.

Sikhism is a monotheistic religion founded during the 15th century in the Punjab region. The religion is based on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and nine successive Sikh Gurus. We observed the customary practice of covering heads with a piece of cloth and washing hands and feet before entering the temple. There was a long queue to enter the main building for darshan. The pilgrims accompanying us in the queue were very helpful and kind. Finally, it was our moment to pray and express our wishes in front of the Almighty. Our prayers inside were a moment of serenity, making each one of us feel relieved. We enjoyed a very tasty langar and drank holy water.

This visit was not only fun and memorable but also gave us a wonderful opportunity to deepen our understanding of Sikhism and reflect on the contrasting lifestyles of Delhi and Punjab. We believe one must visit the Golden Temple to grasp its true essence and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere and beauty as we did.

Team Members: Dakshit Shokeen, Khwaish Gupta, Kritika Kapoor & Pratham Karn (Adarsh Public School, Vikas Puri).


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