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Community service in Bhutan

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Community service is always a very enriching experience, not only for the people that one is helping but also for the one who serves. It helps one understand how people toil to earn a living. One begins to understand that privilege or fortune is not what matters, it is actually the values that matter in real life.

At the very first sight, I thought that we were simply going to dig holes or plough fields in the name of helping the poor. However, our experience was so much more than that. It is impossible to give all the details in a single post, but here is the gist of all the valuable lessons that I learnt.

1. Dignity of labour

We usually tend to think that farming is a tough job that mostly the unemployed engage in to earn a living. However, after visiting a farm, I understood how the cultivation of crops yields food for everyone to eat. Extensive care is provided to all the seeds planted until the final crop is harvested. I have learnt to respect all professions and trades.

2. Spirit of teamwork

A single human cannot serve the community solely. All the stakeholders have to work hard to achieve any goal. If there is a large and well-organised team, it is amazing to see what can be achieved in a brief period of time. This spirit of teamwork is an essential stepping stone to success in any sector.

3. Compassion and respect

After experiencing what goes into farming operations on a daily basis, it helped us to understand the efforts required to grow food for all. Farmers work hard day and night to feed the ever-growing populations. Their perseverance and dedication are praiseworthy. It has made us compassionate towards people engaged in multiple occupations.

4. Mutual benefit

When we engage in active community service, it helps both the parties involved mutually. The community members appreciate the initiative taken by common people from different walks of life. In a similar manner, we learnt how teamwork and cooperation can benefit a larger cause in the long run.

5. Exposure to varied ways of living

When we got out of our ‘concrete’ jungle into the vast rural landscape, we observed how people live, the food they eat, and the clothes they wear. Meeting those who live below the poverty line was worthwhile, as we understood that possession of material wealth does not lead to happiness and contentment alone.

Community service is not restricted to only physical labour but the lessons that can be learnt for life. We might have had our reservations and doubts initially, but now we believe that once you undergo the experience, you cannot remain ignorant. Active community engagement certainly makes one forget personal worries and fears.

So, get ready to soil your shoes a bit and help the local community. I promise, fellow students, that you will get an experience of a lifetime on this journey. However, don’t forget to carry a bottle of water to relieve yourself from the tiredness of all the hard work.

Written by Nishtha Pahuja (Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon)

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