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Jungle Tales : A Safari through Amrabad 2024

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If you’re looking for an enthralling getaway, look no further than Amrabad Tiger Reserve! Situated 150 km from Hyderabad, it is a tranquil reserve home to tigers, providing gorgeous views in safari jeeps and exciting treks.

The Forest Department of Amrabad conducts the Safari with the help of Chenchus, the tribal community in the area. The Safari is truly a detour from the hustle of the concrete jungles of Hyderabad into the lush and verdant hills brimming with an awe-inspiring variety of wildlife and flora. One can spot various birds, insects, and trees, but the pride of the reserve is its population of big cats, home to leopards and tigers.

The Forest Department has enthusiastically created a self-supporting model to promote eco-tourism while employing the local tribal community. While this collaboration may have proved difficult to establish, it is flourishing and systematically functioning now. Viewpoints offer gorgeous views of the hills, and the fantastic flora and fauna make you feel one with nature. Through artificial watering holes and modern mechanisms, the precious wildlife is being conserved enthusiastically. The area has educational facilities, with eager officials ready to impart their knowledge and locals employed to do the same.

The hard work and dedication of the forest officials, combined with the cooperation and knowledge of the locals, cannot be overlooked. It is important to spread awareness about the diversity in the state and the efforts being made to promote the same. The big cats and lush forests await you at Amrabad! Come and explore the beauty of Amrabad and learn about the conservation efforts being made to protect the area’s wildlife.

Team Members: Amiskha, Akshat, Gunakkshi, Abhinav (Vista International School, Hyderabad).


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