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Aahana Chandel

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Hi, my name is Ahana Chandel. Today is 5th of April 2021 and I am writing this bio while I am a student of class 11. I have completed my second major project and program with Classroam Wall. I wanted to be a travel writer when I was younger. This program to United States of America brought me close to the power of human ambition. I want to study ecology when I go to college. My favourite subjects are physics and mathematics. Me and my friends created our first media project. Enjoy our Travel Book on Business and Enterprise in the US. And please stay tuned for my next update.


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Global Public School Students

Our student group is truly diverse. They are encouraged from a young age to be entrepreneurial and at the same time care for each other and care for the environment. These projects they have completed with the Classroam Team are a reflection of the journey of them becoming responsible global citizens. We hope you will cherish their work and be inspired by it. If you want to know more about why we take this approach to student learning, please contact us.

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