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Amrabad Tiger Reserve: Destiny of the Wildlife 2023

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Amrabad Tiger Reserve is India’s sixth-largest tiger reserve (in terms of total area). It is situated in Nagarkurnool and Nalgonda districts of Telangana. We had an amazing experience interacting with the tribals of Amrabad. We experienced their way of living and saw different artefacts created by them using minimal resources. We also observed the rare species that are preserved in the Bio Laboratory. Along with these experiences around Amrabad Tiger Reserve, we were also taught about the plastic recycling plans carried out by the authorities here.

It was really a very informative and interesting journey. On the first day, we went for the jungle safari, which turned out to be the best experience. The cool breeze and the sweet smell of the flowers made us feel refreshed and allowed us to forget our usual city life. Interacting with the people of the Chenchu tribe was great. We could have never known about their existence and way of living in our usual city life. We were amused to see their huts that were made of forest essentials like bamboo. We also saw the ancient tools they still use. We understood their struggles and how their unity is sacrosanct to their survival.

The next day, we went for a trek early in the morning. We saw the sunrise and heard soothing sounds from nature. We heard the sounds of ten to fifteen different birds. We also learnt about different flora and fauna from our guide. We then visited the Biological Laboratory where we saw many animals native to Amrabad preserved for future research. We also learnt about the process of recycling plastic. It was overall a great experience. We would love to see this reserve flourishing and attracting a lot of visitors to enjoy the activities it offers.

Team Members: Aamir, Abhav, Abhinav, Aishwarya, Hamza, Medhansh, Ramidi, Tanushree & Vineesha (St. Andrews School, Bowenpally, Hyderabad).

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