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Exploring the 8th Wonder of the World in Udaipur 2023

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For the past five days, we were on a captivating journey through the city of Udaipur, immersing ourselves in its rich heritage and culture. Under the guidance of Ms Ankita, our teacher in charge, and Ms Madhvi Sinha, the trip coordinator, every moment has been a treasure of exploration. From exploring the majestic City Palace to the sacred grounds of Haldighati, each experience in Udaipur filled our hearts with joy.

Our journey offered us a remarkable guided tour of City Palace, offering a wealth of insights into the multifaceted history of Udaipur. Notably, City Palace is the largest palace in Rajasthan. It was commissioned by Maharana Udai Singh II, the founder and namesake of Udaipur. As we explored the palace, we discovered numerous symbols, each telling a story of Rajasthan’s rich heritage and culture. A striking example was the presence of a toran, a ceremonial archway traditionally used during marriages, adorning the first entrance gate.

We also heard the tales of the victory and valour of Maharana Pratap, which left us mesmerised. One particularly intriguing detail was the practice of carrying two swords into battle—one for his opponent and one for himself, underscoring his unwavering courage. Maharana Pratap was determined to safeguard Mewar from invaders. His decisive choice to renounce his royal lifestyle and embrace a simple life in the forest is truly inspiring. Maharana Pratap’s strong extraordinary courage is a timeless example for those who fight to protect their country.

Overall, our trip to Udaipur was a mesmerising one. The city’s allure is not just a result of its picturesque lakes and grand palaces but a seamless blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Among the myriad marvels that grace Udaipur, City Palace stands as a testament to human craftsmanship and architectural brilliance. It effortlessly weaves together the threads of history and innovation, standing as a testament to the rich tapestry of the region. In our eyes, City Palace in Udaipur is not merely a grand structure but a masterpiece that deserves the distinction of being declared the 8th Wonder of the World.

Team Members: Aarav, Aarshiya, Aditya, Charit, Karan, Lavanya, Saksham & Shashwat (Suncity School, 37D, Gurugram).


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