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Our visit to Jim Corbett & Nainital 2023

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For our school trip, we visited Jim Corbett National Park, where we encountered loads of unique and interesting animals. Next, we travelled to Nainital, which was very cold but offered amazing views, scenery, and, most importantly, a variety of activities.

In Jim Corbett, our day started at 6:30 with a safari adventure. We split into gipsies and were paired with fantastic teachers, mentors, and tour guides. While some of us were fortunate to see many animals, others saw only a few; nevertheless, our group had a blast. Upon reaching Nainital, we had lunch and then indulged in exciting activities such as ziplining, rock climbing, and rappelling. These activities were incredibly enjoyable!

The following day, we went sightseeing, marvelling at beautiful mountains and greenery. We explored caves, navigating through passages like the panther cave, the monkey cave, and the flying cave, requiring precision to avoid injury. Later, we visited a zoo, witnessing live tigers, goats, red pandas, monkeys, and more. We also had the opportunity to shop at a market before enjoying a bonfire and a lively DJ night for everyone to connect and dance.

In conclusion, our trip from Nainital to Jim Corbett National Park was exceptionally fun and exciting. It brought out our adventurous spirits, and we cherished making these memories with our friends and teachers! We had a great time exploring and trying out the various activities that were offered. We also had the opportunity to take pictures and document our experiences. It was an amazing experience that we’ll never forget!

Team Members: Vihaan surathi & Vanisha Sharma (Oakridge International School, Hyderabad).


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