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Reaching for the Stars: Our School Trip to the Eiffel Tower 2024

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The Eiffel Tower, the iconic iron lady of Paris, has captivated the hearts of dreamers for over a century. As a class of curious students, we jumped at the chance to see it up close on our latest school trip. Little did we know, this adventure would be a journey not just through the City of Light, but into the very soul of history.

As we walked towards the tower, its enormity hit us like a thunderbolt. Photos simply don’t capture the awe-inspiring scale of this marvel of the 19th century. We felt like tiny ants scurrying at the foot of a beautiful metal giantess. Every step closer brought gasps of wonder, cameras clicking furiously to capture the perfect shots.

The elevator whooshed us upwards with a stomach-dropping jolt. Higher and higher we soared, the city unfurled below us like a vibrant ribbon. Everyone was awed as the first breathtaking views flashed through the windows of the sprawling Champ Elysee, the beautiful Seine, and the glittering sky.The moment we stepped onto the observation deck, the wind whipping our hair and the tower’s iron lattice work humming in the breeze, we felt on top of the world. The 360 degree panorama took our breath away. We devoured the sights, pointed out landmarks, snapped selfies, and soaked up the magic of the moment.

As we gazed out at the twinkling city lights, the Eiffel Tower became more than just a stunning view. It was a testament to human ingenuity, a symbol of a city that has endured wars, revolutions, and the tides of time. We felt the echoes of dreamers and innovators who dared to build something the world had never seen. Our school trip to the Eiffel Tower was a journey that will stay with us long after the souvenir keychains have faded and the photos have been tucked away. It reminded us that even in the shadow of giants, we have the power to build, to dream, and to reach for the stars.

Team Members: Ajooni Kaur Bajaj, Devika, Divjot Kaur Bajaj, Gurliv Kaur, Jiya, Pahul Anand, Saumya Sidhu, Shreya Rawat & Yashika Sehrawat (Sadhu Vaswani International school for Girls, Shanti Niketan).


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