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The Timeless Jantar Mantar 2023

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We believe that Jantar Mantar must be explored for its historical importance. We had heard a lot about how fascinating the Jantar Mantar is but no one really prepared us for the wonders that awaited us there. So, here we are sharing our thrilling experience at Jantar Mantar with you.

Sawai Jai Singh II constructed Jantar Mantar, Jaipur in the early 18th century. The name ‘Jantar’ is derived from ‘yantra’, meaning an instrument or machine, and ‘mantar’ from mantrana meaning to consult or calculate. The Jantar Mantar at Jaipur is the largest of the five observation sites built in India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features the world’s largest astronomical observation site. We learnt that the primary purpose of building these observatories in Jaipur was to compile astronomical tables and to estimate the time and movement of celestial bodies.

An instrument named Brihat Samrat Yantra can measure time up to an accuracy of two seconds. It is twenty-seven metres long and is the tallest sundial in the world. Another instrument called Rama Yantra is used to observe the position of any celestial object by aligning an object in the sky. This yantra is only found in Jantar Mantar, Jaipur and New Delhi. Other instruments at Jantar Mantar include Jai Prakash Yantra, Laghu Samrat Yantra and Narivalya.

We could understand a great deal about our ancestor’s great inventions after understanding the working of Jantar Mantar. We hope after reading this, you have the same urge to visit Jantar Mantar that we had.

Team Members: Aadhya Penmetsa, Kunal Vijay Gurudasani & Subha Tejaswini Baru (Vista International School, Hyderabad).

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