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The Genius of Sawai Jai Singh II 2023

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The marvellous instruments of Jantar Mantar were built in Jaipur by Sawai Jai Singh II. It was built in the early 18th century. It is an eye-catchy place. It is a fabulous place where you can learn about the ancient ways of assembling astronomical tables and predicting the movements of the celestial bodies. It estimates time by tracking the movements of the planets, moon and sun.

The world’s largest sundial, Brihat Samrat Yantra is present here. It is twenty seven meters tall and was built in 1734. Samrat Yantra means ‘supreme instrument’. This yantra calculates time up to the accuracy of two seconds. Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observation site.

The Dhruva Darshak Pattika is the compass of an early age. It is perhaps the simplest of all the instruments found in the observatory. It is in the form of a small trapezoidal structure whose upper surface points towards the pole star on a clear dark night. The instrument is erected on a 3.07 metres long and 54 centimetres wide stone masonry base.

It has a lot of other instruments that measure the position and distances of celestial bodies. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are a lot of puppet shows that take place inside Jantar Mantar. Shops inside the complex of Jantar Mantar are one of the best places for shopping, especially for girls. You can also find a lot of decorative items here. Overall, it is the best place to visit with school, friends, teachers and family.

Team Members: Karunya, Laasya, Prajwal, Rugul & Shreyansh (Vista International School, Hyderabad).

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