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Ranthambore and Wildlife Poaching 2023

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Ranthambore is one of the most renowned travel destinations. The abandoned fortress, the lakes and the friendly tigers of Ranthambore have established it as one of the favourite destinations for wildlife enthusiasts.

Nestled fifteen kilometers to the east of the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park is situated amidst the hilly ranges of Aravallis and the Vindhyas. Positioned at the confluence of the Chambal and Banas rivers, the park boasts man-made lakes and meandering streams. The picturesque landscape of this national park makes you feel as if you are in the film set of The Jungle Book.

Nestled within the national park, the Ranthambore Fort not only graces its landscape but also bestows its name upon the entire national park. Having witnessed centuries under the rule of the Chauhan dynasty, the fort eventually succumbed to attacks, leading to a transfer of power to various rulers and authorities. Historically, the national park surrounding the fort served as a hunting reserve for the Royals. Over time, Ranthambore faced the risk of transforming into a mere wooded expanse, causing a threat to its diverse wildlife to become extinct soon. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the government recognised the threat to the Ranthambore forest and its wildlife. In response, Ranthambore National Park was established, marking a crucial turning point in the conservation efforts of this unique ecosystem.

We will be glad if this information proves valuable for anyone contemplating a visit to Ranthambore. In our experience, the beauty and authenticity of this place is truly distinctive. We hope that those who choose to explore Ranthambore will find themselves captivated by its unique charm and natural allure.

Team Members: Aamna Khalid, Aleema Saud, Fiha Saleem, Pratiti Chopra, Vindhya Gupta & Yusra Shabab (Queen Mary’s School, Tis Hazari).


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