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Ranthambore and Wildlife Poaching 2023

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“Go ahead and roar — no hunting anymore”
Today, we visited Ranthambore National Park and unlocked a fascinating chapter in the history of this place. We got to know about an event from 1960 when the Maharaja of Jaipur invited Queen Elizabeth II of England and the Duke of Edinburgh on a Royal Shikar. At that time, hunting was reserved for the special guests of the Maharaja.

The park, now home to more than ninety tigers, each with a unique story, serves as a living testament to the importance of conservation and wildlife protection. Some tigers from the park’s history stand out for their remarkable lives, imparting valuable lessons to all who learn of their stories. Zalim, the male tiger mother, teaches us that the male ego can be put aside, and even males can take on responsibilities in caring for their young ones. Machli, the tiger queen, etched her name in history by bravely killing a 14-foot-long crocodile, challenging gender stereotypes and inspiring us to break free from societal expectations.

We also visited Ranthambore Fort and learnt about its history. From the rule of the Chauhan dynasty to the sieges by the Sultans of Delhi, the fort has witnessed significant upheavals. Despite relentless attempts by the armies of Alauddin Khilji to conquer the fort, their endeavours were in vain until the conqueror was aided by a traitor allowing the enemy forces to breach the fort’s defences.

The profound history of this ancient town surpasses our wildest imagination. Reflecting on this history, it’s intriguing to note how the actions of individuals, both human and otherwise, can shape the course of events. While humans may have often overlooked the lessons offered by the animal kingdom, their behavior can serve as a guide, offering essential lessons, such as challenging stereotypes and liberating oneself from exploitation.

Team Members: Aarnsh, Ananmay, Arham, Athrav, Daksh, Lakshay, Nirvaan, Shreyansh & Somansh (GD Goenka Public School School, Sector-22, Rohini).

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