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Exploring Wildlife at Dudhwa national Park 2023

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As soon as we arrived at Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh, our teacher took our phones and advised us to enjoy the serenity of nature. Our principal had informed us about the beautiful sight we were going to see at the national park. With high hopes, we woke up early in the morning and were all set for our jungle safari. We boarded our jeeps and set off for exploring the dense forest of Dudhwa. As we moved into the forest, we were able to spot some monkeys. Soon, our nine jeeps parted ways and moved into different zones.

We could spot various rare species of birds on our safari. It was a bumpy ride. As it had rained a couple of days ago, the pathways were filled with wet mud. Our jeep started to skid. The guide gave us a lot of information about the forest. He also told us how tigers mark their territories. We could see the paw scratches of the tiger on the barks of trees. We could not spot tigers or any other animal. Our guide took us to a domesticated elephant named Kaveri. She was a baby elephant trained to shake hands with visitors and pat their heads. After our encounter with the elephant, we saw the area where rhinoceroses are usually found. However, we were not able to spot a rhino either.

TIn conclusion, even though we were not able to spot any animals in their natural habitat, we enjoyed the weather and the experience of the jungle safari.

Team Members: Arshia, Arshya, Arunima, Chitra, Jasmita, Jiya, Navya, Prisha & Sanskriti (Scottish High International School, Gurugram).

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