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Discovering the Secrets of Bhimbetka 2023

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Out of the 1000+ UNESCO sites around the globe, Bhimbetka rock shelters are one of India’s most renowned sites due to the depiction of man’s early imagination. It has the oldest known cave paintings in the Indian subcontinent. The complex consists of around seven hundred rock shelters.

We loved exploring and learning the history of Bhimbetka, which takes us back to the prehistoric times. There were paintings of hunting, war, entertainment methods and daily life in the ancient times. This site is truly extraordinary and is a once in a lifetime experience. When we went inside we not only connected with the prehistoric roots but were also surrounded by marvellous flora. We observed how the people in the prehistoric times were able to use natural colours to depict their surroundings accurately and in a very artistic and beautiful way. They used basic colours made out of natural resources like fruits, vegetables and flowers. We got to know that the early men followed a similar daily routine as us.

The site is on the hills, which makes the route even more better and serene. Since the forest consisted of multiple caves, they used different caves for different purposes such as sleeping, cooking and assembling together as a group or family. The caves were used by different generations for a long time due to which some paintings have faded.

It was an amazing experience that we will cherish forever. We learnt a lot about prehistoric times at Bhimbetka rock shelters.

Team Members: Aadya Lal, Aanya Singhal, Myara Singh & Yaadvi Sethi (Kunskapsskolan International, Gurugram).

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