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Exploring The Brussels Magic 2024

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We, the students of the Springdales School, Pusa Road, explored Europe for our summer vacation. As part of our trip, we visited Brussels. It was a memorable trip that everyone in our group enjoyed.

Brussels is located in Belgium and has so many beautiful places. The people in the city were humble and the streets were filled with joy and laughter. While exploring the city, we visited places like the Manneken Pis statue (statue of a boy peeing into the fountain), and the Grand Place (central square plaza of the city). Luckily, we were able to experience the grand parade that takes place only once a year. It was so mesmerising to see all the guards march along the drum beats and take a full round of the Grand Place. After a while, we went shopping.

While a few of us were busy exploring other attractions, the others were purchasing souvenirs and enjoying the taste of Belgium waffles. How could we forget the Belgium chocolates! All of us packed a few boxes for ourselves and our loved ones. We also explored various streets and churches that were main tourist attractions. It was a cloudy and cold day, but the breathtaking views didn’t let us think of anything else but about the time we would get to spend there.

Overall, Brussels was a must-visit place for making our trip to Europe memorable. We will never forget Brussels because of its calm environment. Our mentor, Mohit Sir, made it even more fun by making us play exciting games and giving us information about the city.

Team Members: Anandini Kathuria, Arya Jain, Krishiv Jetley, Mehuli, Naisha Khanijow, Saina Malik, Sarthak Grover (Springdales School, Pusa Road, New Delhi).


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