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Experience at Amrabad Tiger reserve 2024

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We need to save animals and the environment. Our world is slowly falling apart, with animals dying and deforestation rampant. However, Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR) is actively working against all these problems. You can learn about the biodiversity and its preservation at Amrabad Tiger Reserve while having a lot of fun amidst breathtaking views and stunning animals.

There are so many things to do at Amrabad Tiger Reserve. Every activity here is fun-filled and eco-friendly. It is the second-largest tiger reserve in terms of core area and is situated in the Nallamala forest in Telangana. The forest is home to numerous animals, and we learnt a lot about them! We went on a safari to spot tigers and many other animals, using an open-air jeep. We stopped at a viewpoint overlooking a river valley, leaving us speechless. Later, we went trekking with learned guides teaching us about various species and the different varieties of flora and fauna. Our tour guide provided a fun-filled learning experience. During the trek, we stopped at four viewpoints, leaving us flabbergasted. We learnt about the Chenchu tribe that lives in the Nallamala forest, understanding their way of life and day-to-day activities. We even visited a temple with 800 steps, challenging but absolutely worth it.

Ranthambore captivates with its enchanting beauty, majestic landscapes, and rich wildlife. The mesmerising blend of historical allure, exemplified by the ancient Ranthambore fort and the thriving biodiversity within the national park, makes it a destination of unparalleled beauty and significance. Ranthambore creates an experience that is seamlessly intertwined with history and nature.

Team Members: Gaddo Sai rama, Marutha Adhyun, Mayookha S Manoj, Parth Nigam, Siddharth Reddy, Sathya Sai, Srinesh Kumar, seerat Chopra, Sripragnya Thato, Vedansh Yadav (Manthan International School, Hyderabad).


EdTerra Edventures conducts various other programs for the youth. If you go to school and are under 17 years of age, ask your school to contact us to arrange a visit to your school for an introduction to “Amrabad Tiger Reserve” and other journeys under EdTerra’s India Discovery Program.

For queries call +91-11-48885800 or visit EdTerra Browse Journeys page to know more about the programs we offer to school students. Visit our FB page by clickingHERE

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