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3 Amazing Experiences at Our EdTerra Camp in Maletha 2023

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Have you ever been to a place where the sky looks picturesque? Well, at Maletha this was available to experience every single day. What we experienced at our camp in Meltha is something we wish that everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. Here is what we have to report of our experience.

Maletha withholds multiple intriguing stories about its past, perhaps the most fascinating being the tale of Madho Singh Bhandari. It is now shared amongst many households of Uttarakhand, and talks about how he sacrificed his son to get water to Maletha.

Considering the high valleys and suspension bridges, there were bound to be adrenaline-filled activities, one notably being our favourite: Bridge Slithering. If you are wondering what bridge slithering means, like we all were because frankly the name indicates nothing. It is an act of sliding down a rope like commandos from a helicopter. It is scary at first but very fun as you go down.

Well, now we know what to do when we are stranded in the mountains. We were taught how to build makeshift shelter and give first aid in the form of Leave No Trace (LNT) principles. Furthermore, we were taught how to stay stable in the mountains at high altitudes.

Maletha was an adventure that has been branded in our memories and it has not only made us self-sufficient but also strengthened our bonds of friendship. We 100% recommend you to visit Maletha, just remember to carry your bug spray and sunscreen.

Team Members: Gangesh Aggarwal & Miranya Khatri (Scottish High International School, Sector 57, Gurugram).

EdTerra Edventures conducts various other programs for the youth. If you go to school and are under 17 years of age, ask your school to contact us to arrange a visit to your school for an introduction to “Maletha: Big Adventure Camp” and other journeys under EdTerra’s India Discovery Program.

For queries call +91-11-48885800 or visit EdTerra Browse Journeys page to know more about the programs we offer to school students. Visit our FB page by clickingHERE

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