Our world of words The most breathtaking ideas presented by young minds from our skill-building and learning initiatives
Slide From the Young Authors Program
Our students are published authors! Enjoy their books.
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Our World of Voices
The most soul-stirring narratives from students’ learning experiences from around the world.
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Special Mention

Outstanding Student Contributors

This is our Wall of Fame. Each year, select students earn the right to feature in this space by showcasing phenomenal project work — evidence of their learning from the diversity of our planet. Enjoy the genius of these young minds.

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From The Principal’s Desk

Sh. Sanjay Yadav, Principal

At Ahlcon International SchoolMayur Vihar we transcend traditional education boundaries through our shared commitment to holistic development. In sync with our motto, “Global Perspective Indian Values,” we introduce the Classroom Wall initiative. Beyond imparting knowledge, it symbolizes our dedication to sculpting compassionate global citizens. This vibrant wall showcases collaborative projects, fostering a symphony of thoughts and creativity among students transcending time zones. Reflecting our ethos, the initiative extends beyond the classroom, embodying experiential learning and global perspectives. As conscientious ambassadors of the Sustainable Development Goals, our students embark on a journey to shape a world of compassion and progress. This initiative stands as a testament to our vision, cultivating a lifelong curiosity and a deep reverence for values.

Slide Message from Classroam Wall
Classroam Wall Revolution
We wish for every student to learn from the diversity of our planet. Equally, we wish for each student to reap long term benefits from their learning. While projects from other programs get lost as the academic years roll on, we offer the school and the student their own personal repository of the projects they created when they went the extra mile to gain knowledge and skills.


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Grade 6

Summer Calendar Webinar

Scottish High International School believes in a holistic approach to education. We have created an integrated curriculum for extracurricular learning.

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Grade 11

Young Authors Workshop

Scottish High International School believes that Communication Skills, particularly written communication skills are one of the most important 21st Century skills.

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Grade 12

The Golden Triangle

Exploring Indian Heritage while gaining 21st Century Skills is in complete alignment with the curricular philosophy of Scottish High International School.

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Grade 9

USA East Coast Adventure

Learning from distant lands such as the USA (famous for its entrepreneurial spirit and human ambition) while gaining 21st Century Skills is in complete alignment with the curricular philosophy of Scottish High International School.

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