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Robert James

Slide b f f home-5-slider-2-image-4 h g j ABOUT ME Robert James Hi, I am Robert James. I am a teacher of Chemistry with 11 years of experience at schools across London and a PGCE from Northwestern University. I've travelled to 25 countries and have helped over 350 students see the world from a scientific perspective in the last 7 years alone. I earned the National Outdoor Education Award in 2019. d j

My Students' Projects

The work of my students curated during educational programs conducted around the globe


K-12 Extra Curricular Calendar

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Global Public School Auditorium

Slide f g g g Educator Speak My Outdoor Education Pedagogy Students learn best by mirroring emotions and actions. If the tour leader is excited about everyday applied science to improve the environment, then students will be too. A teacher who can demonstrate passion for the subject can become a source of lifelong inspiration for the student. That's my pedagogy. When students travel in my group either they are already excited about science or by the end of the trip they begin to see that the physics, chemistry and mathematics they are learning in the school is not simply theoretical or formula based but through museums, demonstrations in nature and through commentary while visiting historic monuments, they learn that we live and breathe the results of these subjects every day.

Moments of Learning

Moments of learning and inspiration from programs conducted around the world

Everyday is a mind-bending adventure when you choose to discover the world with James. D

Dhriti Sharma

Don't think. Just enroll for the best trip of your life. R

Raghav Arora

James will make you travel, do amazing media projects, have crazy fun, and most of all, make you learn how to learn. V

Vinayak Sinha

Mr Robert is an inspiration. He opened up my eyes to the world of science. O

Olivia Summer

I would highly recommend Robert to any parent who wants their child to embark on a journey of learning through questioning. M

Mark Cain

1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680

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