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Survival Among Wildlife and Wilderness 2024

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We started off our journey with enthusiasm and motivation to learn and experience the adventurous activities of nature with our known ones and make new friendships and form bonds. We believe that such school trips are organized with the motive of teaching students how to be independent and self-sufficient.

As soon as we reached Chail, our cottages were allocated to us, and we were informed about the rules and principles to be followed in the compound as well as throughout the entire duration of the camp.Then we had our breakfast and discussed the activities to be performed later in the day. Then we went on a trek called the Maggi Walk, which helped us adapt to nature at higher altitudes and temperatures. Once we completed our trek, on our way back we cooked Maggi with natural resources. Post this, we played a few games, spent time with friends and enjoyed the bonfire with soothing music and dance. Then we ended the day with a deliciously divine dinner as we had to wake up at 6 am the next morning.

The next day, we performed warm up activities before proceeding to the rope activities, which included an activity that greatly promotes body balance. The activity is called “Walking on the Burma Bridge”. We continued the day with ziplining and games like ‘60 seconds’. Through this game we learnt about the power of unity. We felt that the game ‘Human Knot’ promoted teamwork in a very effective way. After the games session at the end of the day we all had a dance time that was surely liked by mostly everyone and helped us to get refreshed.Then we had dinner and a good time discussing the day with our friends and then we went off to sleep. Thus concludes our adventure camping experience blog post.

Team Members: Khushi, Kashma, Ridit, Sakshi & Sahil (The Sovereign School, Sec-24, Rohini).


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