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The Genius of Sawai Jai Singh II 2023

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Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II is identified as one of the most enlightened and youngest rulers of the kingdom of Amber. This kingdom was later called Jaipur. Jai Singh II was interested in Mathematics and Astronomy. As a result of this, he created the Jantar Mantar.

In 1699, he became the ruler of Amber at the young age of eleven on the death of his father, Maharaja Bishan Singh. Jai Singh’s lineage can be traced back to the Kucchwaha Rajput clan who came to power in the 12th century. He was awarded the title of ‘Sawai,’ which means one and a quarter times superior to other men. This title was conferred to him by the Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb.

He was trained by the best teachers and scholars in art, science, philosophy and military affairs. Though his formal education ended at the age of thirteen years, his scientific career lasted over fifty years. Sawai Jai Singh believed that scientific thinking and astronomy would greatly benefit his people. He displayed his knowledge and wisdom by building the Jantar Mantar, which has helped other astronomy aspirants in expanding their knowledge.

He constructed five astronomical observatories in northern India between 1724 to 1730. Besides his valuable contribution in the form of Jantar Mantar, he also introduced certain social reforms in the Hindu community. His efforts to promote subjects like astronomy and mathematics largely aided the development of Jaipur. The armed strength of Jai Singh made him the most formidable ruler in Northern India.

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