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Save the Wildlife from Poaching 2023

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The illegal killing and trafficking of animals are known as poaching. It has grown to become one of the most critical issues worldwide. The practice of poaching does not only harm wildlife but also us humans. This artificial way of reducing the number of animals disrupts the food chain and food web.

Every animal in the ecosystem plays an essential role, and poaching disrupts this balance. It affects secondary consumers and scavengers, leading to a disturbance in the food cycle and causing animals to die of hunger. Poaching also contributes to the extinction of many species, such as tigers, crocodiles, and rhinoceroses in India. Tigers are one of the most poached animals in India, with their skin, bones, and other body parts being in high demand for traditional medicines and as luxury items.

Poaching leads to fewer habitats in forests which gives people the authority to illegally afforest land and use it for commercial purposes. Poaching needs to be stopped so that no animal goes extinct, and live a healthy and safe life which will also help the environmental cycles work properly as they should. Being our national animal, tigers are the pride of our country and hunting them for these purposes is disrespectful to the country.

To conclude, the practice of poaching should have serious action taken against it as the crisis going on right now could take turns for the worse. The government as well as the forest department should try new schemes and practices to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife.

Team Members: Saina & Siya (Scottish High International School, Gurugram).

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