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Learning New Skills in the Wild 2024

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, it is necessary for us to develop 21st century skills. This camp provided us with exciting activities that helped in enhancing our 21st century skills such as collaboration and social skills while working with others in various competitive challenges, as well as being flexible during trekking and camping. It also helped improve our physical strength.

The camp helped us enhance our survival skills by tasking us with interesting activities. The fun activities encouraged even shy students to participate. The Sonaghat campsite had an amazing landscape full of flowers. We also went on a trek and stopped at a point for maggi. Some of the activities included rope climbing and ziplining, but the two most adventurous activities were trekking and valley crossing. We found them to be fun but also daring. It helped us get out of our comfort zone and pushed us to interact with others. We appreciated talking to our campmates in person, while finding pleasure in nature that surrounded us. It encouraged us to not use any mobile devices.

The camp also taught us to make innovative shelters during our trek. We were able to do some team-building work such as building a campfire or setting up the tents. It improved our speaking and social skills. The nights were amazing as we talked about our day with each other. We also listened to music and danced along to it.

Ranging from beautiful landscapes to daring activities, our camping trip was very fulfilling. We learned about teamwork and social interaction.

Team Members: Aannav Chaudhary, Diya Bhagat, Paavika P Janeoitha, Samridh Gupta & Tejas Gupta (Pacific World School, Greater Noida).


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