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How History can Act as a Secret Weapon for Framing the Future 2023

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As history can repeat itself, we believe that this means that we are supposed to learn from the mistakes of the past. It is indeed an honour and a privilege to get knowledge about our history, culture and tradition to continue our heritage. We attended a cultural program on our first day in Ranthambore, which helped us understand the culture of Rajasthan. The artists or performers play an important role in keeping this culture alive.

We visited the Ranthambore Fort to explore the Rajput history. The fort was built in 944 AD and has been a witness to numerous sieges and wars. The conflict between Rao Hamir and Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi, in 1301, is arguably the most well-known of them.

It is important to be aware of history and culture because only then can we help in continuing our heritage. Reviving old folk tales and recreating history gives an opportunity to accumulate both past and present in such a manner that they don’t conflict. This way the past, present and future generations can be tied together in a single bond. This bond provides an intimate relationship between all the generations to prevent atrocities of the past.

Hence, we can rightly conclude that history has proven to be the most powerful weapon that can mould the future into a productive and united front.

Team Members: Iknoos Gandhi & Mishika Kansal (K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri).

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