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A Blend of Nature, Culture and Adventure in Araku Valley 2023

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During our time in Araku, we enjoyed a day full of adventurous activities. We kicked off our day with thrilling experiences like rappelling, trekking, ziplining, and engaging in tribal activities, including witnessing a tribal marriage. It was an experience that left us with many unforgettable memories.

At the Tribal Museum, you will find the perfect example of a tribe living in harmony with their surroundings. The Tribal Museum also showcases the beautiful traditions of the tribal people and their culture. It is an ideal place to learn about the tribal lifestyle, culture, and history. We observed various tribes at work, witnessing people worshiping their gods. The tools used for their daily tasks were crafted from wood.

During the tribal wedding, we were provided with traditional tribal costumes. Tribals have their unique ways of performing marriage ceremonies, and we learnt about these traditions and dressed up in traditional ethnic wear of the tribes. As the wedding ceremony commenced, the tribes played music, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

As for trekking, our adventure began with a 50m zipline. Initially, we traversed plains with various animals, followed by a trek through a forest. Eventually, we reached rocky terrain, where we engaged in rappelling from heights of about 15 ft or above. All in all, the wedding ceremony and trekking experience were full of fun, adventure and excitement. It was a delightful experience shared with friends. A special thanks to our teachers and EdTerra for making this trip possible.

Team Members: Aryan Kulkarni, D.Saio Dhanush, M.Suhas Reddy, P.Hari Reddy, Rudransh Raj Srivastav, Srivarshan & Vadlapathla Sukesh Kumar (Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad).


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