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Beauty of Nallamala forest 2023

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The beauty of flora and fauna present in the Nallamala forest is amazing. The trees have medicinal values and can even heal conditions like bone fracture and treat other diseases. The forest is also popular for being home to an important tiger reserve, Amrabad Tiger Reserve. It was exciting to know that it has the largest number of tigers in the Telangana state.

The tiger named Cider is the dominating leader of Amrabad tiger reserve. The tigers create a sign by using scent, clawing trees or roaring to mark the area as his territory. Many leopards are also found in the reserve and they too mark their territory, but never in a tiger’s territory. For territory, they will fight each other. At last, with bravery, it will acquire the territory but with injuries. The other will either die or be severely injured. There are currently around 23 tigers in the reserve. We were excited to explore the forest for a sign of tigers.

While we were trekking, the tour guide informed us that there are over 80 species of mammals, 303 species of birds, 20 amphibians and 54 species of reptiles present in the reserve. The next day in the morning, we embarked on a safari. We saw wild boars, antelope, deer and snakes. The safari view point was impressive.

There are tribes living in the forest. The Chenchu tribal community is a small secluded tribe found in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. They have a deep connection with the forest and use the herbs and plants for their medicinal value. But they are careful not to exploit it. This is the beauty of the forest.

Team Members: Aadya, Hamsini, Lasya, Nishansh & Sanskriti (Delhi Public School, Khajaguda, Hyderabad).


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