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Schools select the 21st Century Skills learning path for their students from our K12 Calendar which reflects an area of specialisation or broad knowledge area

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With each program students learn from the diversity of our planet either through domestic or international travel or through educational workshops

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Students practice 21st Century Skills such as Creativity, Team Work, Initiative, Analytical Thinking, and Media Literacy. They create media projects capturing their opinions and learning

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Students submit audio, video, text files to be turned into high-quality podcasts, films, books, magazines and blogs. These are uploaded on each students’ portfolio and the School’s Wall

Slide Classroom wall in action Keep your school ahead Each school’s Classroam Wall is unique and distinct. It supports the diverse voices and views of its students on issues, ranging from environment, humanity, science to culture.

Classroam Wall

Available For Life

Students can keep their portfolios all life long.
We upload new projects for schools after every program for which they get student bookings.



Free with purchase. Nominal subscription without one.

If you don’t already have Classroam Wall, we would love to talk to you about your activity calendar and how you can showcase your students’ talent to the world.

    Slide g home-3-rev-3-img-1 Classroam Wall philosophy
    All students are creators of the future
    Inculcating reading habit can be tough. Inculcating a habit of innovation is even tougher. We solve both of those problems. Our vision is for every child to sculpt the gifts of their imagination and learning into media and communication formats. Anyone can watch a video but how many of us can inspire the world with our vision?

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    Our services are aimed at ensuring there is a repository of unrestricted, unleashed, and lofty youth ideas are collected at one place for posterity and institutional and individual pride.

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