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USA East Coast Adventure

10 July
USA East Coast Adventure
NYC, Orlando, Washington DC
INR 249000

Learning from distant lands such as the USA (famous for its entrepreneurial spirit and human ambition) while gaining 21st Century Skills is in complete alignment with the curricular philosophy of Global Public School. Towards that end we have scheduled a US East Coast Adventure Program with the Classroam Team for the Summer Break. Please follow the link below for more details or write to the lead teacher. This program is open for middle and senior school students and the last date for registration is 10 March 2021 before which we must receive a duly filled and signed registration form and the full program fee.


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    Event details

    Date: 10 July 2022.
    Venue: NYC, Orlando, Washington DC
    Hosting: EdTerra
    Phone: 011-43210321
    1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680

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